Splish Splash! Pool party at the Husky family

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Huskies are actually made for colder temperatures, which is why the summer heat is particularly uncomfortable for the cute dogs. The favorite people from the huskies in the video have given their four-legged friends a special surprise: a pool party. They have set up two paddling pools with water and the lovely dogs enjoy the cooling to the fullest!

The huskies splash from one paddling pool to the next and just love the water! One of the dogs immediately made himself comfortable in the pool, lay down in the water and gently sipped the cool water. A short time later, a Bernese mountain dog joins the pool party, but then changes his mind.

The huskies are in their element and splash around. A husky seems to forget the rules of decency for a moment while enjoying the fun and openly strolls into the pool. Fortunately, the funny party doesn't stop.

Cooling down for dogs on hot days: tips

When the summer temperatures climb to the highest levels, our beloved four-legged friends are happy ...


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