Kitten Kuro: "Now I have the right slide out!"

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Kitten Kuro recently tried to climb a slide. But with the delicate paws it could not hold on to the slope so well. But with a little practice, she has now become a real climbing professional, as the cute cat proudly shows in this video. Adorable!

"I'm going to go up this slide with my left hand!", Kuro wants to confidently tell her owners. Apparently the sweetie has practiced secretly in the past few days and the smooth climbing frame has been plagued several times. Of course, she doesn't want to withhold the result of her hard training from her viewers and so the velvet paw runs up the blue plastic slide with ease. "Look, I'm upstairs!", She demonstrates with her head held high and then rushes down again shortly afterwards.

To offer the nimble tiger a new challenge, the owners of the cat hold a fishing rod with a ball in front of it and wave it around the upper part of the slide. But this toy also catches the kitten quickly and without great effort. Your owners may soon need to get something new to play with their pet roommate - maybe a bigger slide?

Here is the first slide of kitten Kuro:

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