Leftover food doesn't belong on a cat's menu

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If you value healthy cat nutrition, you should not feed your pet with leftover food. Much of what people are allowed to eat is unhealthy for the little tiger and makes him sick. Spices, too much fat and sugar, but also pathogens are an underestimated danger. Image: Shutterstock / Forewer

Image: Shutterstock / Forewer If you are concerned that your cat may have kidney failure, go quickly to the vet - Shutterstock / VGstockstudio

Are meat scraps part of a cat's healthy diet?

The classic among the leftovers is raw meat waste. What might have been too greasy for the owner or looked unappetizing often ends up in the cat's bowl. What is meant well can be quite dangerous for the four-legged friend. Raw pork, for example, can contain pathogens that can be fatal to cats in a very short time. Raw beef, game or poultry, on the other hand, is rarely harmful.

Fish remains can be dangerous

Fish is part of a healthy diet, but in the form of leftovers, fish is not harmless. On the one hand, the bones pose a high risk. Unfortunately, it is not correct that these are supposedly safe for cats. If those with a sweet tooth pounce on the fish, they are exposed to an unnecessary risk of injury. You can choke on the bones just like people. Fish residues that remain after eating also contain large amounts of fat, which prevents healthy cat nutrition.

Toxic foods: what cats should under no circumstances eat

Poisonous foods lurk for cats where you don't suspect them. So your sweet tooth should ...

Unhealthy leftovers for cats: potatoes, rice, sauces, etc.

The same applies to other leftovers such as potatoes or rice. They contain a lot of starch for which the sensitive cat stomach is not equipped. Sauces and other dishes are usually much too spicy. Your housetiger doesn't get that at all. This can result in serious intestinal problems that are caused not only by hot spices, but also by too much salt or various preservatives. So you don't do your darling a favor if you serve him apparently delicious food in the form of leftover food.

The same applies to sweets: Even if there is always a sweet tooth, sweet food should also be taboo for the biggest mouths on four paws. The large amounts of sugar are harmful to both your teeth and your digestion. If your velvet paw has become friends with chocolate, for example, you should definitely delete them from the menu. Otherwise, a visit to the vet will soon be due.

Here is an overview of the unhealthy or even dangerous food leftovers for your kitty:

● raw meat, especially pork, which poses a risk of infection with the Aujezky virus.
● Fish: dangerous because of the bones. Also contains large amounts of fat that cats get less.
● Smoked
● Starchy foods like potatoes and rice
● Legumes and cabbage: have a flatulent effect and are indigestible for cats.
● Sauces and preserved foods: may irritate the stomach and intestines.
● Candy: Bad for teeth and digestion.

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