Ragdoll tomcat Timo meets Minimiez for the first time

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"Nan? Who are you?" Little tiger Timo doesn't seem to trust the fluffy kitten. In this video, the famous Ragdoll cat meets a new furry sidekick for the first time.

As a celebrity, you always have to fear being replaced by a younger edition. And so the animal net star, Ragdoll cat Timo, is initially anything but enthusiastic when he discovers the cute young kitten in his home in the Netherlands. He skeptically observes the clumsy advances of the silvery-black fur ball. The latter, however, seems to be little disturbed by the stoic stare of the home side. The cute newcomer relaxes on the floor and lets the sun shine on his fur.

And Timo? In view of this coolness, he apparently fled. He prefers to retreat to his hiding place towards the end of the video and keeps an eye on the little sun worshiper from there.

There is actually no need to worry about Timo. The baby cat is not a new inhabitant of his house, but only a day visitor. In addition, the Ragdoll-Stubentiger, at almost five years old, is by no means old. He therefore does not have to worry about any successors. Hopefully Timo will jump over his shadow at the next meeting. Who knows, maybe it is friendship at second glance between him and Minimiez?

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