Black smoke maine coon cat

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Black smoke maine coon cat

If my cat is going to be outdoors, I do it to him on time! To avoid his coat getting dry, I buy him dry food in the winter and wet food in the summer. His ears and face are the worst. After every outside period, I apply a bit of vet ointment to the furrier areas, as well as the ear flap area. This helps keep the area somewhat damp and soaks up the oil and any moisture from him getting wet. I only go over this once a week, but if you get to your cat multiple times, the treatment can work great.

To wash his fur, I get him a small cup and add a tablespoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid to it. If he has dirty ears or fur, I will soak a cotton ball in this and place it in his ear, and then I take it out after a couple of minutes and rinse the ear. It's easier for him to handle and gets the dirty ear cleaned up for him. My little kitty also LOVES his ears cleaned, so I always get them clean before we let him outside. I have noticed that he will sometimes have a slightly itchy face or ears after being in the rain, so I give him a little bit of the vet ointment to stop the itching. You can always wash this off with water if you want.

There are many things you can do to keep a cats paws and nails from getting wet, but nothing as effective as preventing it from happening in the first place. Cats paws and nails get extremely dry when you walk in the rain and they can easily become infected, particularly if the cats nails are not clean. To keep your cats paws from getting wet, keep them inside or off the deck as much as you can. This can be a good time to go through his things and make sure everything is clean and his food is stored so that there is no moisture anywhere in his house.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions or if you have any experience with cats and the rain that you would like to share, please let me know.

Monday, April 26, 2010

As I mentioned in the last blog post, I am working on a book that is coming out next summer. It is a book I created and hope to sell to publishers. I have a first draft that I need to be ready to send off for review by next week, and I have been busy working on it as well. I've also been helping other authors out by proofreading their books, and I have done my own first edit on my manuscript. So far, the process has been going pretty smoothly, and I haven't run into any snags. So I thought I would give some details about what a first edit is, how you should do one, and how a reader (such as yourself) can tell when the editing is done.

Proofreading is what you do after the editor has reviewed your manuscript. You look over the manuscript and proof it for grammatical errors. You also might look at the manuscript and the manuscript and make sure that you like it. You might even make a few changes and suggestions. The idea is that the editor has read the story and has looked for grammatical errors and misspellings. They make sure the sentences are clear, and that all your characters are well developed. A story that gets a good review from a few friends or family members can be a good sign that the book is ready for the editor. However, if you want to know how well your story is going to stand on its own you should do a first edit on your own. This means that you should read the story through and edit it for grammatical and spelling errors, missing words and awkward sentences. If you do it on your own, you will find the best way to write and will learn what you do not like about writing. You will also find out what story elements you have.

You can also find it helpful to go back and read a chapter to refresh your memory. There are many websites that have books online for free, which allows you to read through it quickly and see what you like and do not like. Once you have the story down and you are able to reread it and find missing words and sentence that are awkward, you have a good start.

One of the biggest problems you have is the dreaded word count. If you write a 5,000 word story and you have 10,000 words for the story, you are a little stuck. If you have read some books online to see how to get your word count down, you may see a number, like 350 words, and realize that means 350 words per page. You can divide 350 by the amount of pages you have written and then that is the number you have to try to get to. 350 is a good starting number to try.

You may think that if you could just write 2,500 words, that is fine, but if you do that in one sitting, you will be exhausted. The truth is you have to write a little every day. You will build on your progress from the day before and from that day forward you will have to build on the momentum you have created.

One last word on the subject of writing. You may think that if you do not like the story, then you can write the story yourself and sell it and become a better writer. The truth is that you are doing two things wrong in that thinking. You are writing in the same way you wrote the story that you bought online. You are reading the story in your own words and you are not doing your own version of writing the story.

The key to writing a successful story is to write it in your own words and you should write it as if the reader is sitting right next to you. You will notice that if you do that you will be writing in the same way you read the story. That is how you want your reader to read your book. When you write it yourself you may notice that your writing style may be different from that of the writer. You want to be the best writer and author that you can be.

Your writing may be different if you write your own story because the character is a true character. They may have flaws and personality flaws. But your own character is going to be better if they are based on you.

Writing your story on your own is going to help you write more and become a better writer. I think you will like the results. You have a chance to do more than be an average writer.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I decided to make my own website and I have done so with the help of my friend Scott. It was a fun experience and I am learning how to do the things that I am teaching you to do on your blog. If you are a blogger you will understand what I mean.

I can make my own websites and I know that some people have not been able to do it because of the security restrictions on the free sites. If you would like to read more about how to make your own website visit my post for website tutorials.

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