Cat daddy Yello lovingly cares for his family

In this video, hangover Yello proves that daddy's family happiness is everything. He was not only involved in the birth of his babies, but from the first second he literally became a father, cuddled with the little ones and did not leave his loved ones.

At first, redhead Yello looks a bit grumpy. Probably because his nerves are bare, his dearest Tam is just giving birth to the offspring. But then the proud dad shows what a big heart is in his fluffy body. He doesn't leave Tam by the side, kisses and licks her all the time. What a caring father! When the four kittens are alive and well next to mom's belly, Yello snuggles into the basket and cuddles with his family - what a heart-wrenching picture that you can't get enough of.

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