Hearty orangutan orphan meets playmates for the first time

The orangutan orphan in the video is called Rickina and lives in a lovely aid station. So far, Rickina has had no contact with any other species. Your nurse is now taking the little orphan monkey outside for the first time, where the other orangutans are already waiting with curiosity.

Immediately all orangutans come to Rickina and love her. They gently caress the little "sister" and play with her. Rickina herself finds everything incredibly exciting and dares to start climbing. The orphan is quite smart for her young age and in the meantime hangs on the ropes of the outdoor area without any help. Have a lot of fun with your lovely monkey family, Rickina!

Monkeys and alcohol frenzy: well get it!

Painting monkeys, doing sports, playing with tablet PCs, building tools, having a pronounced social behavior ...

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