Little star chick saved and raised by humans

The little star chick in the video was found by American Susan Hickman while he was hatching from his egg. The egg had fallen out of the nest and she couldn't see where it came from in time. So she took the tiny animal with her and raised it - in the meantime the bird has grown up, is called Klinger and lives with the Hickman family at home.

In the beginning, Susan Hickman was not at all sure whether the tiny, newly hatched baby bird would survive. It had to be fed every 20 to 30 minutes around the clock - and became bigger, stronger and fluffier every day. The feathers became real feathers and Klinger even learned to speak. Hickman originally wanted to reintroduce the brave birdie after he was better.

But because he hatched in their hands and grew up in humans, so to speak, he didn't know bird life in the wild well enough. And so they kept the sweet star and he is now a steady family member that is loved by everyone. What a nice story!

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