Jill, the tame squirrel, loves her home

Squirrel Jill conquers social networks. No wonder when do you ever see a tame squirrel? If you want to convince yourself of Jill's love for her people, you can watch this video.

Aren't squirrels totally shy? But not with Jill from Louisiana! After falling out of its nest due to a hurricane, the squirrel girl was rescued by its current owners. Since then, Jill has been feeling really good with her people! Even if she has a cage, she climbs freely and carefree around the house. Jill can go out if she wants, but she always finds things to climb on and seems completely satisfied.

Jill likes to play with her own toys, but preferably with her people. She can be petted and well ... she even cuddles properly! What a great friendship between humans and animals. On top of that, she gets on well with the other animals in the house - a cat and a dog. The cute squirrel lady is just too cute and by no means camera shy!

Cute, cheeky and red: squirrels on tour

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