Dog ate saran wrap

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Dog ate saran wrap - how do I get this smell out of my house?

I bought some saran wrap today. When I opened the bag, my dog had chewed part of it. I've tried cleaning the entire house with Febreze, and I've run the vacuum cleaner over it with no luck. My husband said to use Febreze. So, I sprayed the whole house with it. But, the smell seems to be persisting, even after the house was left open for days. I've been spraying it for over a week now and it hasn't gotten any better.


You probably can't get rid of it entirely (though if you want you could try). It's hard to say exactly what the smell comes from. It's likely from one of a number of things: the actual saran, the plastic wrap, the glue that keeps the two pieces together, your dog's digestive tract, or the skin cells of your dog. You can't do anything about the first two. The second is probably in the form of your dog's digestive fluids, and should wear off on its own if it were to have eaten saran wrapped food. Finally, it could be your dog's skin cells.

It's probably easiest to just stop cleaning. The fact that the smell is still there suggests that it's a relatively fresh smell. Your dog is most likely not going to smell like saran for more than a week or so. The smell is going to dissipate, but that may take a few weeks. Your dog's skin is going to shed cells, and if the cells are still sticking together, there could be a new smell when they shed, but it won't be very strong. This is assuming the dog is eating a normal diet. If he has a diet that includes more protein than other animals, he's going to excrete more of those cells than a dog eating the same food as you.

So what you can do is just stop cleaning, stop washing clothes, stop vacuuming, etc. You can even let it sit there for a week or two if you have time, but it's not really going to do anything. At some point it'll dissipate, probably within a month or two, but that's only because it's going to be one more week of a few thousand. At the end of those weeks it'll be very faint.

A much better approach is to wash your dog with your regular washing detergent. You can do that as often as necessary until the smell goes away. The fact that it's still there after a few weeks doesn't mean it was still there after a week. Your dog's skin will shed some cells and make the saran smell stronger as time goes by. Eventually, the smell will go away, and after it does, you don't need to do anything at all.

There are certain situations where you'd need to use something more specific to get rid of the smell. If you're making food for a pet that you know is allergic to saran, you'd have to use an enzyme-based washing detergent that would attack and remove the saran. (That's a topic for a different question, but the best source for that kind of detergent is going to be the pet store where you bought the saran.) You can also use a washing detergent if there's something that might be in saran that's dangerous or harmful to pets. (Batteries, for instance.)

However, if you're going to be using an enzyme-based detergent, I'd recommend you make sure you're washing it into a bucket of water that contains bleach, as it'll prevent the saran from coming off. That may not be an option if you live in an area that doesn't allow the use of bleach in the washing machine, but it's a good precaution anyway. A wash cycle is going to use a very small amount of detergent, and if it does anything at all to the saran, it could leave a very small amount of it on the floor and cause a problem.

There's also a possibility that the saran may be a pet product, or at least a product from a company that isn't very reputable. The reason you're asking this question is because you think the smell comes from saran, but you're actually dealing with a pet product. If that's the case, you can still use your regular washing detergent. However, you'll also want to know where the product came from, and if you can contact the company, tell them you have a problem. There's no reason for them to ignore you, so there's a chance they'll help you. They may not, but you should still do the best you can to let them know that you're having a problem.

In the end, the smell is going to dissipate eventually. All of the items listed above are going to have a period of time where you can expect the smell to get better. You may have to keep cleaning for a few weeks or even longer. That's all you can do. After it's gone, you don't need to do anything. However, you can still wash your dog with your regular detergent to make sure any of the saran that was on your dog doesn't stick to his fur.

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