Dog pees on strangers: What to do about "submissive urination"?

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It is an embarrassing situation for dog owners and "victims" when their dog pees on strangers. The phenomenon is called "submissive urination" in English and means "submissive urination". This term already shows what pee is all about; namely submission and not - as most people probably assume at first - a kind of attack by a cheeky dog. "Nooo, aren't you going to?" - Dogs actually submit to pee on others at a young age - Shutterstock / aya73aya

The phenomenon of submissive urination is one that occurs primarily in males up to one year old. The good thing: As a rule, four-legged friends quickly abandon this dog behavior on their own. The bad: You cannot really prevent submissive urination, also because it happens more or less subconsciously. However, you can prevent or make sure that the embarrassing phase passes quickly.

That's why the dog pees on other people

You walk the street unsuspectingly and meet your neighbors along the way. While chatting a little, Wuff sneaks up on the neighbors' suede shoes and lifts his leg. What at first glance looks like a brazen insult is actually the opposite. The four-legged friend submits himself through submissive urination.

The reason for this lies in the psyche of the fur nose. Dogs usually pee on other people because they are shy and insecure or have little self-confidence. They are constantly trying to signal both people and members of the same species that they are benevolent to them and want to submit to them. It is a strange signal for us humans to show this by peeing - for dogs it is a clear sign of submission. It is particularly important that you, as the dog owner, do not punish your dog in such a situation - even if the person who peed on the dog often does not understand this.

Submissive urination: do not punish the dog!

If you admonish or punish your dog for peeing, he cannot understand this because he is doing nothing wrong from his perspective. Scolding him can even increase unwanted dog behavior as your dog loses more confidence. Submissive urination is, strictly speaking, well-behaved. Your dog subordinates itself, might even have earned praise Now you cannot (and should!) Praise your four-legged friend for peeing on his nice neighbor or his dog. Punishing is also not possible, as it can increase behavior as I said. So what to do?

Aggressive dog: training tips and proper handling

An aggressive dog is almost always an insecure dog who believes to defend himself or his "property" ...

This is how you behave correctly

It is important that you strengthen your dog's self-confidence so that it does not wet others. If your sofa wolf peed on someone else, it is best to get him aside immediately and do something with him that strengthens his self-confidence. Ideally, you should give him a sense of achievement, for example through a successful exercise with feet, place or seat. Then exuberantly praise him. Of course, this may seem very strange to the "victim" of pee, but it helps your dog to build up self-confidence and quickly refrain from submissive urination.

Prevent peeing: strengthen self-confidence

A lot of praise, reward and joy ensure that your dog will not submit to pee so often and at some point in the future. You should strengthen your self-confidence not only after a pee campaign, but also before and in general in everyday life. A good measure for this is dog training, in particular obedience training with the dog.

On the other hand, also check your own behavior as a dog owner. Perhaps you are subconsciously incorporating things into dog training that damage your animal partner's self-confidence? Do you have a tone that is too strict? Do you value obedience too much? Try to find a good measure so that your dog can build a healthy confidence. If in doubt, you can ask an experienced dog trainer for help.

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