Baby panda at Bei goes on a discovery tour

The little baby panda Bei Bei was born on August 22nd, 2015 at Smithsonian's National Zoo. When he was about five months old, he was allowed to take a trip outdoors, as the video shows. Apparently, the little animal really enjoyed his discovery tour. At Bei practiced a bit of climbing, rolled on the floor in a very plush way and had fun doing it.

His mom Mei Xiang always stays with her little panda during the little trip. Bei Bei knows that he does not have to be afraid, his mother always takes good care of him. When climbing trees, the panda baby proves to be a learned student, as the next video of his second trip outside shows:

In the following film, Bei Bei is around eight months old and still very playful. This time he is allowed to splash in a tub with water and has a great time:

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