Why does my dog jump up suddenly when lying down

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Why does my dog jump up suddenly when lying down and then lay down again?

Does your dog jump up when lying down? My 12 yr. old labrador jumps up suddenly when laying down from her couch, so when lying down she lifts her front paws off the floor. If I pet her, she lays down. If I lift her and put her down on the couch, she lies down immediately.

I've just been to the vet and we will try again next week. The vet said it's all normal, probably nothing is wrong.

It's weird because there are no reasons for this or why it only happens once a day. The vet said there are no injuries.

I think that it's just a coincidence.

When I lie down, she only jumps up and lays down again, but she never licks herself like that. Does she ever do that?

What does your dog eat? The vet said there's nothing wrong, which I find weird. Why would it have to jump up if there's nothing wrong? I don't know. I do see the vet again next week.

When I lie down, she only jumps up and lays down again, but she never licks herself like that. Does she ever do that?

That is very unusual. It may have something to do with anxiety and a fear of abandonment. Dogs often have the tendency to feel the need to stay with their owners even when their owners are gone. I would suggest if you see the signs again and it continues, that you have an appointment with the vet and get some help from a behaviorist.

There is a behavior that is sometimes seen with dogs and I find a lot of vets get confused and label it as anxiety or over excitability but it's a behavior that's very specific, especially when it's done by breeds that can carry genetic abnormalities. If a vet misreads that as anxiety then the dog goes through a lot of unnecessary testing and treatments. I believe that if the behavior is being done at random then it should not be labeled as anxiety. An easy fix is, when it happens, simply stop all activities and take the dog outside. Walk around the house for a few minutes. Walk around the block. I know what your dog is doing and you are probably tired and don't want to walk anymore. It's not the end of the world, this happens all the time to all dogs so why bother with a test when it's just annoying.

I'm going to assume that your little dog has anxiety, though that is certainly possible. My advice would be to take a very small amount of medicine with her, and see if she responds to the medicine and the walk. When she is calmer, go back to your regular routine.

Some vets do not want to recommend meds for fear of side effects. My vet is one of them. But I do not agree. She has taken care of and treated many dogs with meds and I found that they did help her to be a little more relaxed when they are more likely to have her back.

If it takes three days of this and he's still doing it, then he is anxious. But I wouldn't test him. It's not in your best interest, you'll spend money on a test and it will all be a waste because the vet isn't doing something he isn't supposed to do. Trust me, I have been through it.

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