Tick ​​Tock! Cats, metronomes and great confusion

The cats in the video have a ticking encounter: Metronomes. Some house tigers react curiously, others fearfully and still others give the clock a few targeted paws. In any case, the devices cause great confusion with the fur noses.

The first cat doesn't like the metronome at all and flinches involuntarily whenever the penetrative thing sets the pace. Cat number two is a little bolder and simply knocks one over the device with her paws. But then she finds the game boring and trots away. The third kitty in the video taps the metronome curiously and then knocks it over. "Phew, finally rest!", She seems to think when she jumps off the device.

A particularly fluffy fluffy kitten is trying to find out whether the pointer in the middle can be chewed while another cat is discovering her musical talent. She pats with the hind paws over the piano keys, while she eagerly works on the metronome with the fore paws. Simply funny!

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