Does the dog need a life jacket when bathing?

The question of whether your dog needs a life jacket when bathing cannot be answered with a general yes or no. It depends, among other things, on how well your dog can swim, how fit he is and, above all, in which water he goes swimming. Basically, a dog life jacket is recommended. Better safe than sorry: dog with life jacket - Shutterstock / InBetweentheBlinks

Dogs can swim, that's right. Is this why a life jacket is unnecessary? Many four-legged friends are overwhelmed with a swimming situation, especially when they go into the cool water for the first time. It becomes dangerous when dogs overestimate their swimming ability while enjoying water and they run out of strength in the water.

A life jacket can save lives

Even if your dog is an experienced swimmer, it can happen that he is unexpectedly troubled by high waves or strong currents in the water. Invisible dangers can also lurk on dog beaches, for example underwater currents that make it extremely difficult for your four-legged friend to swim back ashore. Steep sections of coast or sharp-edged rocks can also be life-threatening obstacles.

A life jacket for the dog cannot protect against underground rocks in such situations, but it ensures that your animal swim mate always stays afloat, even if the powers slowly decrease. This gives you more time to react in an emergency.

Important: You should definitely put on a life jacket for your "seal" during a boat trip. A jump or fall from board can never be completely ruled out. If your four-legged friend is injured and can no longer swim properly, rescue becomes extremely difficult.

Beach vacation with dog? Great fun!

Choose bright colors!

But the life jacket for the dog can do more than just ensure that water-loving pets do not go under: it also ensures that dogs can be seen better on the water - especially if your four-legged friend has a fairly dark coat. Since most dog life jackets are made in striking colors such as neon orange or red and ideally even have light strips, the dog in distress can be sighted more quickly. For these reasons, you should pay attention to such aspects when buying a life jacket. Also important: a handle. The ideal vest has a handle on the back, which allows the four-legged friend to be lifted out of the water more easily in a dangerous situation.

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