For anti-poison bait training in the dog school?

In the dog school you and your dog can do anti-poison bait training under professional guidance. The exercises require a lot of patience, precision and consistency, so the help of experienced dog trainers can be a great support. You can find professional support for anti-poison bait training in the dog school - Shutterstock / mdmmikle

Especially if you are not yet so experienced in dog training, a visit to a dog school for anti-poison bait training is recommended. If you find yourself at home finding it difficult to avoid mistakes when training anti-poison bait alone, you may feel safer in a course with professionals and other dog owners.

How the dog school can help with training

The success of anti-poison bait training depends on you being clear, unambiguous and consistent in the exercises. The aim of the training method is that your dog ends up leaving treats on the floor. Only if you expressly release the delicacy and allow it to be consumed can he eat it up.

This is not so easy, since small inattentions or inaccuracies can already affect the training goal. For example, your dog might get the impression that he will eat everything he finds as soon as you are distracted for a moment. Some dogs are also somewhat anxious or have difficulty concentrating. Then the dog school can also help you. There you go systematically together with the dog trainer and also have a competent contact person if you need tips for the exercises at home.

Avoid poison baits for dogs: you can do that

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Learning content in anti-poison bait training

In the dog school, you train that your dog voluntarily pays attention and listens to you, so that it first gets your permission before it eats a found treat. For this you practice commands with which you get the attention of your four-legged friend. You can then use the "Take" command to release the delicacy or refuse to enjoy it with the "No", "Off" or "Pooh" command.

In the dog school as well as in your home, you can set up a course and prepare it with treats. The commands for the anti-poison bait training can be practiced and your dog learns to display his finds and not to eat immediately. This means that he will let you know that he has found something and is waiting for your approval. In addition, it is possible to carry out exercises in the dog school to teach the dog an aversion to the smells of rat poison or snail grain.

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