Can dogs eat frosted mini wheats

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Can dogs eat frosted mini wheats? I see them at PetCo.


According to the food list at the Petco website, mini wheats are for cats and dogs who are less than 6 months old. They are not listed for dogs 6 months of age and older. Since the age of 6 months is a few weeks shy of a year, you can't really get your dog into them. The dogs and cats should be fine with them (aside from the fact that you might not get any). The company suggests feeding them to dogs under 6 months of age. I'm not sure why they recommend them for cats but they have listed them as recommended for both.


Canned food should be safe for all dogs. They need a wide variety of nutrients in their diet, not just grn products. It is also usually a healthy option. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, however, you may want to feed her a different kind of food.

You can mix and match different kinds of food to suit your dog's personality. Just be careful not to feed her something she isn't going to like, because it will make you look like a fool. :)

If your dog does like them, I would keep them for her, but only if you feed them to her every few days. I have dogs, and I would not feed a dog an entire bag of mini wheats. That much food in one meal could be a problem for them. Too much food will make your dog feel full and sluggish, which is not what you want at a picnic or when playing. If you want to feed them, it is best to feed them with something else, like an apple or a banana, so you can see how much she is eating.

Also, be careful not to feed too many of them or too fast. Feeding them too fast will be bad for your dog's digestion, which can lead to diarrhea. Feeding them too much, however, is not good either. If you can only afford to feed her every few days, that should be enough for you to tell if she's eating the whole bag.

If you give her some kind of treat to eat, too, that will help you know if she's having too many or too few. This will also let you know how much she is eating, because treats are usually smaller than

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