The cat tongue: that's why it's so rough

The cat tongue is an amazing sensory organ, although the sense of taste of the fur noses is not so pronounced. The tongue feels rough and, thanks to its unique structure, helps your kitty in eating and grooming. With its cat tongue, the kitty can not only taste good - Shutterstock / Evgeny Mironov

So-called papillae ensure that the cat's tongue is rough. These are small bumps on the tongue that perform various functions, such as taste buds. But tasting is not the main task of the cat's tongue.

Eat and drink with the cat's tongue

In addition to the taste buds, your cat also has thread papillae on the tongue. These are very fine spines, the tip of which consists of a horny layer and which are directed towards the back. These mini teeth on the surface make the cat's tongue feel rough and are extremely useful when eating.

When your cat drinks water, the movement of her tongue creates a water column, which she then "bites off" and swallows the water. The thread papillae help her to prevent the liquid from flowing out again immediately, since its structure catches water drops. Because the cat's tongue is rough, your kitty can also lick the meat from the bones to the very last rest. The tongue also works like a grater and can grind larger pieces of food smaller.

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Practical for grooming

The cat tongue is also for your kitty like washcloth and comb in one. Matting in the cat fur, dirt, loose cat hair and scales can clean your velvet paw with your tongue as well as some vermin. At the same time, it is like a massage for your cat to thoroughly brush its fur for itself or its peers. When washing cats, the fur nose loses about as much water as when using the toilet, so you should always provide fresh water.

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