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Blissful dog nose butter: ‘It has helped him so much’ By Rachel Mann

BBC News Published duration 24 January 2017

image copyright Clre Wilson image caption Paddy has been giving Dsy all the love he can since she became a part of the Wilson family

It started with a simple problem, a sore nose and a desire to see better. Dsy, a 10-month-old poodle, had recently joined the Wilson family. Her previous owner had found her, an abandoned dog, on the doorstep and had nursed her back to health.

But then she began having "snotty nose" episodes. Dsy developed a red, irritated and sometimes bleeding nose, but it would clear up for a while, leaving a very red, sore, bumpy area behind.

It was time for medical help. It took four trips to the vet and hundreds of pounds in vet bills, but the family got the problem sorted and Dsy was happy.

Then the snot started agn. The Wilson family were now worried it would start happening more and more.

So what was causing the problem?

Paddy and the Wilson family believe it may be linked to Dsy's diet.

Before her adoption, Dsy was a puppy brought into the family home by neighbours. The previous owner was a student living in rented accommodation, so she didn't have a lot of money.

image copyright Clre Wilson image caption Dsy has a lot of toys and a lot of food

But she had managed to rescue the dog and the family took on the challenge of feeding her.

"We bought the cheapest foods we could find," sd Paddy. "Some were pet foods, some were for human consumption."

What Dsy had been eating was probably cheap cuts of meat, some bread or cereal for a side. And she had a lot of toys, too, with plenty of her own food, which added to the calorie count.

"Her diet was definitely way too high in calories," sd Paddy.

She had been a well-cared for dog - no doubt about that. But the Wilson family now believe that she may have suffered from what is known as kennel cough, something they saw in the pet shop when they went shopping.

In an eml, Clre Wilson, from Wandsworth, wrote: "It is a serious disease that causes very bad breathing and a dry cough.

"I remember thinking that if I bought that puppy it would probably have the illness as it would not have been given a proper diet."

What is kennel cough?

image copyright PA image caption Dogs can catch a range of infections from being in cramped conditions

Kennel cough is a common infectious disease. It usually affects young dogs.

Clre Wilson explns it could have been contracted when Dsy was in a small, overcrowded box and didn't have anything to breath through

Her small furred nostrils were no help and she was forced to breathe through her mouth.

Some dogs who are allowed to eat dog food could have inhaled foreign substances that give rise to the disease

When they were rescued and taken home it was fed a commercial diet.

"It was at least 18 months before the illness got diagnosed as kennel cough," she added.

"My husband and I were both pet lovers and it is not something that is very easily diagnosed and so I am happy it is going to be seen by a specialist to confirm that Dsy has kennel cough.

"If she had been allowed to run around in the garden or had more space I'm sure she would have been fine.

"Kennel cough is highly contagious so I would not have taken the risk."

The Wilsons added that Dsy had only been in their care for three months when the outbreak took place, and had been in another home for the last nine.

It was a small boarding house which provided kennels and small houses for dogs who were about to be put to sleep, that Dsy had been in for most of her life.

Image: Dsy's owners Clre and Steve Wilson

Dogs are not affected by kennel cough, but the symptoms include sneezing and cough.

Kennel cough typically affects young dogs and causes them to cough and sneeze repeatedly.

It usually affects the respiratory system and can spread from person to person, but can also be passed from dogs to dogs.

Clre Wilson added that kennel cough in dogs is not the only health condition they are facing up to.

"The biggest health challenge at the moment is dealing with so many different illnesses," she sd.

"She has been given an x-ray and has been sedated for four weeks while she is put through the trauma of a major surgery.

"She is a fighter, like all of our dogs."

Ms Wilson added that she can only see her pet for a short time each day and sd she cannot bring her to the family home.

"I think the hardest thing is seeing her like this and not knowing what the outcome is going to be," she sd.

"In a year, she will be old and have had a lot of surgery."

The Wilsons sd they do not yet know whether Dsy has lost her leg and have described the pn she is going through as "unbelievable".

They added that they had previously asked vets to euthanise Dsy because they did not want her to suffer, but that they now hoped she would be able to have a "normal life".

One thing that the Wilsons sd they were grateful for is that Dsy has not shown any aggressive behaviour towards any of the visitors to their home.

"We are not going to know the outcome until she is finished with the operation," Ms Wilson sd.

"Her face is not very expressive at the moment. I can tell she is in a lot of pn."

"She will be given pn relief during the operation. The vet did not tell us how long she will be under anaesthetic but we will only see her when she is awake.

"But hopefully she will be able to come home very soon and that she will be OK."

The family sd they were not expecting to receive any compensation and will be fundrsing to help pay for the vet bills.

"We don't think we deserve anything," Ms Wilson sd. "We do not expect anything."

"There are two other dogs that have a similar surgery - one dog that is already on its way to recovery and the other dog had to be euthanised and it was very sad."

The Wilsons sd they understood there was a risk involved in giving Dsy the treatment she needed, but that Dsy did

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