Kidz bop who let the dogs out

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Kidz bop who let the dogs out

Monday, June 28, 2008

The End Of A Dream

We have been trying for a while now to make a big push to get her to be able to walk. She has no problem with the little steps and can easily go from her sitting place on the couch to the bed. She has been to the gym on her own for years. She's been to the pool by herself too. She loves to play dress up. We thought it would be just a matter of time and she would get the hang of walking.

We tried the "one foot at a time" method. When we moved from the floor to the couch she learned how to get up. Then we moved from the couch to the chr. Now she's been in the chr almost a week. It has not been a smooth transition.

On Monday after dinner she sd, "Mom, I'm walking." I asked, "How?" She sd, "I don't know. I just stepped off the chr." And she did! She took her first step on her own! And she's proud of it! She was wearing the same dress that she has on for weeks. She had her shoes on too! I was very proud of her!

Over the next two days we watched her as she took a few more steps in the same place and finally decided that she would walk down the hall to where the cat food is kept. She's been to there before. And today she went there on her own! We told her, "This is your new job. When you finish with that, you can come back for more." We watched her closely and she didn't fall. She got a little shaky but kept her balance.

Today we had a very good visit with a friend of mine. We watched her take a few steps. We were thrilled to see her do it! Then we got home and she told us about it! She went and sat with the neighbor girl while we took a shower. When we finished, she sd, "I walked to my room." I laughed and sd, "Yes, that's where you do that!" and she sd, "No, I walked to my room!" I sd, "Well, where did you go?" She sd, "I went to the cat food." And she did! It's the first time she sd she went to the cat food! And she didn't fall! I was so proud of her!

Last night, we were walking down the hall and we heard her singing. It was her little walk song and it sounded so happy! She stopped singing and ran and gave us a hug. We were so happy that she was able to make it!

Today, we decided that if she was able to take a few more steps in the next couple of days, she could have her first official walk outside! We would be taking her out to our neighbor's yard to see if she could get down the strs.

The neighbor's little girl was out there and when we told her, she sd, "She looks like she has already been there." I sd, "That's right. She was going to try her first steps on the strs."

I am so happy that she did it! She was so proud of herself! She did it and she didn't fall! It was the first time she had done it! The neighbor girl sd, "She did it agn." I sd, "Yup, she did it agn. She did it a few times!"

The neighbor girl sd, "Let's see if she can do it one more time!" I sd, "Go ahead." She sd, "What if she falls?" I sd, "She's not going to fall. You know she has been walking for months. She's been through this before. She's been through it lots of times. She's very good at it."

So, they asked her, "Can you take one more step?" She sd, "Okay, one more time." She took one step and fell down. It was a good hard fall. But she was ok! She didn't cry. She was fine! They sd, "Oh my gosh, she just did it agn!" And we all sd, "Yup, she did it agn!" She did it agn and agn and agn. It was great. We didn't tell her she was doing it agn. She just knew it!

So, we have been watching her as we go to sleep at night. She's going up and down the strs as fast as she can. She has two step stools. So, we make her sit in the chr. She's doing it. She can walk from the chr to the couch. She can go from the couch to the table. And now she's walking from the table to the chr. And it's getting easier.

Tonight, she was doing great with the strs.

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