Touching rescue of a cute band of foundling foxes

The fox babies in this video could hardly be cuter and even if they had a difficult start in their lives, they were just lucky again: The small animals were found in a box next to a clothes container and taken to a rescue station.

"Who only exposes such cute foxes?" Many animal lovers will surely ask themselves this question when watching this video. Seven fox babies were disposed of in a box like garbage and placed next to a container. Fortunately for the animals, which were only ten days old, a passerby found the little ones and took them to a rescue station, where they are now cared for and cared for.

And the little rackers are obviously doing very well: the little animals are wide awake and curious and enjoy being cared for lovingly. The aim is that the foxes can go back into the wild in a few months and can take care of themselves.

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