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Teeth of the dog" and "teeth of the wolf".

He sd there was a need for 'intellectual honesty' and a balance that is neither "extreme left or extreme right".

The book's author, Michael Hanby, says the word 'Nazi' should be used in an accurate, balanced and non-defamatory manner.

He says it should not be used as a "boo word" in the context of political debate.

Mr Hanby and his publisher are standing by his position in the face of what he calls "relentless vilification and accusations of hate and of fascism" on social media.

Mr Hanby says he is worried by what he calls "the rise of the alt-right and the white nationalists in America" and their "reactionary use of language" in arguing agnst immigration.

"In our current political climate, that language has been taken up by the alt-right," he sd.

"The alt-right has latched on to the language of the National Front - in particular the kind of talk we had when I was a teenager about getting the Polish out of Britn and the English out of Britn.

"And that language, that kind of language that is coming up is the language of fascism.

"When we have a fascist on the streets, we have a fascist in the White House, we are on the road to fascism.

"If you want to take on this fascist ideology, you have to take it on head on. And that's what we are trying to do in our book."


The new edition, due to be published this month, includes a foreword from American professor and author Charles Murray, co-author of the controversial 1994 book The Bell Curve, which contends intelligence is inherited and races are genetically different.

In an article entitled, "If It's True, Why Are These People So Upset?" the pr accuse the media of fuelling hysteria over a rise in "alt-right" ideas.

Mr Farage sd a similar movement, known as the Tea Party, which was founded in 2009, tried to make the same arguments, but fled to "get into the White House".

However, he added, he believes the political agenda of the alt-right, which is an alternative to the Tea Party, is "much, much more extreme".

The two men also accuse the media of being complicit with a political narrative which has been "a flure".

The phrase "alt-right" refers to the "anti-globalists" who believe the world is being flooded by immigrants and a perceived "political correctness" which they say has made the media "pinko".

It gned widespread attention in the US after Donald Trump's presidential campgn.

The pr sd the movement would be taken to a new level if the US president could "legally" put "alt-right" ideas into power.

When asked if the "alt-right" could take over the US, Mr Farage sd: "Yes, if you've got a president who can legally do this, and I think Donald Trump has a good chance of being in the White House come November."

The Ukip leader also attacked politicians for not taking the movement seriously enough.

"There's been a total collapse of political discourse and debate," he sd.

"You have to go on television. You are labelled 'anti-Semitic' or 'racist' and your career is finished.

"The problem is that people who say the same things that people like David Duke say are not treated in the same way."

Mr Murray described the "alt-right" movement as "anti-immigration, anti-Islam, and anti-multiculturalism".

"We know it exists because so many people are concerned about it," he sd.

"It's dangerous to try to characterise the alt-right, because many of its members disagree with the violence that has been associated with it.

"It's more about people trying to get back to a political point of view that they feel has been hijacked by the left."

'White genocide'

Mr Murray sd he believed the alt-right had gned traction among white people because "there's been a sense of victimisation from the media, and from certn left-wing elements, for about a decade".

He added: "I think in the States there has been a feeling that their country has been taken over, and that the political landscape has been dominated by people who don't share their point of view.

"The alt-right has emerged from that vacuum. They want to go back to a simpler time. They want to go back to a time when America was a white man's country.

"We have been colonised by people who are not white. We are being colonised by people who don't share our values.

"There's a lot of anxiety among people who feel that the country is being taken over by people who are not white. It has to do with what's called white genocide. It's a feeling that whites are a minority.

"If you listen to the people in the alt-right, they have been told that white men are being systematically driven out of all the jobs, being systematically driven out of college."

'Fully funded'

Mr Murray sd some members of the alt-right had called for the "final solution" of the white race.

"The alt-right believe they are the solution to these problems, and they want to go down that route. They say if you listen to their speeches, they are talking about the final solution to the Jewish problem, to the Negro problem, to the Latino problem and to the Muslim problem.

"They believe they can solve these problems by killing them. They want to go from just being on the internet to being on the street with guns. There is a violent aspect to the alt-right."

He sd these people were "fully funded" to go out and recruit new people.

"It's partly a reaction to the collapse of traditionalism. People don't want to give their money to a university anymore, so the alt-right have stepped into that vacuum.

"They have a lot of money behind them. They are very organised. They are organised online. They have people who are on the streets. They organise events at universities. They try to make themselves look as powerful as possible. They try to create fear.

"In the end they want to turn America into a white nation. They want to say whites are the new Jews.

"I have no sympathy with this at all, they are people we are all going to have to deal with."

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