Cat suddenly drinks a lot of water: what can it be?

If your cat suddenly drinks a lot more than usual, this can have various causes. In case of doubt, the veterinarian will always decide whether it is safe or not - here are a few possible reasons that could be responsible for the increased thirst of your fur nose. If a cat's drinking behavior changes, this can have various causes - Shutterstock / Philippe ROUSSELOT

If your cat drinks more than usual, her general condition should decide how quickly you can see a vet with her. If you notice another change in her - be it symptoms of illness or abnormalities in the nature - you should not delay the visit to the vet for a long time, because the velvet paw may be sick. If she is well, plays, eats and has a nice, healthy coat, she may be thirsty for one of the following reasons.

If the cat drinks a lot: possible causes

If a fur nose suddenly drinks a lot more than usual and it is very warm outside, it may well be that the summer heat is responsible for their thirst. Just like humans, cats have a higher fluid requirement at high temperatures and should be able to cover them with plenty of fresh water. She may also have eaten a lot of dry food - a large part of your liquid needs are covered by room tigers through wet food. If your cat is a walker, it could also be that she got an extra portion of dry food from one of your neighbors, or that she stole something salty somewhere.

Thirst as a symptom of illness

If the cat suddenly drinks a lot of water, illnesses can also be responsible, so you should not hesitate too long to see a veterinarian. Most of the time, cat owners will also discover other symptoms of the disease, which may vary depending on the cause.

If the cat is sick: Find a good veterinarian

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Tiredness, aggressiveness, withdrawn behavior, shaggy fur or injuries should be noticed and discussed with the veterinarian. This will determine if your pet's thirst is one of the symptoms of diseases like diabetes mellitus or kidney failure. Poisoning could also be present if a room tiger suddenly drinks a lot of water.

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