Diagnosing heart failure in dogs

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If dogs suffer from heart failure, the heart no longer pumps enough blood into the circulation. Timely diagnosis can help alleviate the condition and extend the dog's life. The timely diagnosis of heart failure reduces dog suffering - Image: Shutterstock / Poprotskiy Alexey

Heart failure in dogs can be genetic, congenital, or acquired over the course of a lifetime. You should have a diagnosis made by a veterinarian at the slightest suspicion. This can save the dog a lot of suffering.

Suspected Heart Failure: When To See The Vet?

The first symptoms of heart failure that you can recognize include shortness of breath, coughing, lack of drive and loss of appetite. Your dog is quickly out of breath, no longer likes to walk longer distances and is quickly exhausted. At the latest then you should definitely go to the veterinarian so that he can make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the right medication for your pet and take therapeutic measures.

Overweight and older dogs belong to the risk group for heart failure. In addition to a healthy, balanced diet and moderate, but regular exercise, you should take your dog to the veterinarian for checkups - even if he has no symptoms yet. This also applies to younger, larger dogs such as boxers, Great Danes or Dobermans, as these could have a congenital heart weakness. Caution is better than leniency in dog health.

This is how the doctor makes the diagnosis for the dog

In general, you should not neglect routine examinations at the veterinarian. Then he may be able to diagnose heart failure so early that you can enable your four-legged friend to live a largely normal, happy life. Indications of such a diagnosis can be, for example, pale mucous membranes, congested veins or a round belly filled with fluid.

Heart failure: how is it treated?

Unfortunately, heart failure in dogs cannot be cured. If the disease is discovered early, ...

The vet also listens to the dog's heart and lungs. In this way, he detects suspicious heart murmurs and can check and if necessary confirm the diagnosis of heart failure using cardiac ultrasound, ECG and X-ray examinations.


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