Cute cats are fighting with yoga mat

The cute cats in this video liked a rolled up yoga mat. Clumsy and a little awkward, the little rascals try to balance on the roll. But that's not so easy ...

"That is my role!" The sugar-sweet kitties in this video are overjoyed. You have discovered a new toy: a yoga mat. The cute cats are trying to tame the sports mat in a fun way. "Hop!" I'm on the mat! "One of the kittens seems to be happy before it flops back onto the floor. The circus number doesn't really work out yet.

A little guy dares to sprint through the mat. But the balancing is much more interesting and the velvet paws are already busy jumping on the roll. "Zack!", There is the next kitten below. For the circus, the Miezis will probably have to practice a little more. Still cute and cute!

XXL siblings from the cat world

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