Cat tricks: This is how your velvet paw learns to retrieve

With a little practice, your four-legged friend can learn various cat tricks in a playful way. With patience, treats and a clicker, retrieving can soon be part of your cat's repertoire. A cat can learn to retrieve her toy - Image: n Shutterstockl / MaraZe

Retrieving is not only mastered by dogs - a particularly docile cat can learn, in addition to various other cat tricks, to pick up a toy with its mouth and bring it back to its owner or owner. You can teach your pet this behavior with clicker training: The cat learns to link the sound of the clicker - a small device that generates a click when pressed - with a feat. If she follows the command well, she will be rewarded with a treat.

This is how your velvet paw learns to retrieve

Before you start this cat trick, it is important that you use a toy that the cat can easily put in its mouth. Ideal is a plush mouse or something similar with which the cat is already familiar and which may have carried it around. Take the toy and throw it away. Now you have to hope that the velvet paw runs after the good piece and picks it up.

If the kitty does that, entice her back with a treat. If she has successfully retrieved, she gets the treat and a click. If you have successfully done this several times, your four-legged friend will eventually learn that he will be rewarded for bringing the toy up and will do so each time you throw the toy.

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Cat tricks with a lot of patience

The more tricks your Stubentiger already masters, the easier it will be for you to teach him more cat tricks. It is important with all tricks, however, that you only practice as long as your cat wants to. After all, clicker training should be a playful addition and not a constraint - nothing works here with punishment and pressure.

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