Serengeti: How to keep the cat

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The beautiful, exotic Serengeti is an active climber - you should definitely take this into account in your posture. If you can offer the intelligent animal a lot of work and space, you are on the right track with this breed. Loves climbing and exercise: The Serengeti - Image: Shutterstock / Krissi Lundgren

Loves climbing and exercise: The Serengeti - Image: Shutterstock / Krissi Lundgren

Play, climb, explore the environment and cuddle with their owners: the Serengeti is all very important. She is a strong, lively and adventurous cat and only happy if she has enough work and can live out her urge to move.

Posture is best with free access

The curious, sporty animal likes to go out - so if you can offer your free access or a secured balcony, you will be delighted. If you want to let your Serengeti into the garden, you should consider securing the garden with a cat fence or build an outdoor enclosure for it. On the one hand, the free access is generally associated with some risks for velvet paws, on the other hand, unfortunately valuable cats breeds can be particularly interesting for thieves.

The Serengeti cat prefers to be in the apartment where it is warm. High places that she has to climb and from which she can look out are also her favorites.

Special features of the Serengeti

If you are looking for a particularly quiet cat, you are probably less suitable for keeping this breed, because Serengetis are very nice chatterboxes and are also happy to make themselves known. Since most of these beautiful exotic animals like water, it is a good idea to include cat-compatible water games in the game unit. Vases, aquariums, neighbors' garden ponds and other waters that are taboo for your pet should always be kept in view.

Burma, Siam and Co: exotic cat breeds

High-quality feed, fresh water daily, regular visits to the veterinarian and weekly care with a soft brush should be a matter of course for cats.


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