3 minutes for a dog

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3 minutes for a dog of any size. In any event, it can be a fun day of exercise and fun with your pet.

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The owner of the dog, a small terrier cross of the Irish and English spaniel breeds, is a very energetic, happy dog, who is very attached to his owner and enjoys her company. The owner, who is a pet lover, and is also involved in animal rescue, has been known to be so busy with her other activities that she has not been able to make it to the dog parks. The purpose of this article is to inform others about how to properly prepare and trn their dogs for a park excursion.


The dog must have a leash and collar with a buckle or lock for ease of use in a busy dog park. In addition to a leash, it will be necessary to provide the dog with a water-repellent coat. Most dogs can go several hours without a restroom break, although it is advisable to give them an occasional break in the park so they can relieve themselves.

In some parks there is a water fountn at a convenient location, but the dog owner should be aware that this location may become congested, especially on a hot, sunny day. If the dog's water is not changed often, he may get water poisoning and become sick.

In addition, the dog owner should make sure her dog is not frightened or confused when approaching a strange or unfamiliar person, and she should keep her dog under control while on a walk. The dog will not be ready for an excursion if he is not comfortable in a strange place and is not accustomed to being out of control.


It is important that the owner give her dog enough exercise each day to help develop muscle tone. This exercise should be done under the guidance of a professional trner. The owner can get help in finding a professional trner in her area by contacting her local dog park association, or by contacting the American Kennel Club, whose members are accredited by the AKC Pet Dog Mentor Program.

The owner should keep her dog under her control and control his movements at all times during the excursion. If the dog should go off course, the owner should redirect his course with a light touch on the leash, and continue to lead him.

Once the dog is accustomed to walking on a leash, the owner should begin to teach him to stop when he sees a squirrel, bird, or any other dog or person. It is also important to teach the dog to stay on the leash while in a dog park. To begin the trning, the owner should touch the leash, or move it forward, as soon as the dog starts to pull or run, to stop him from getting ahead of her. She should continue to give light touches on the leash if the dog goes off course, and she should prse him for obeying the leash. Once the dog is obeying the leash, she should try the "sit" command, and prse him if he sits down or if he does not resist when she touches the leash. As he becomes more accustomed to obedience, the owner should begin to give the "stay" command, and let him off the leash after he does so. He should then return to his owner when he is told to. The owner should reward him for correct behavior by prsing him, giving him a tasty treat, or giving him a game or tug-of-war.

When the dog has become more familiar with the leash and is beginning to get the hang of the "stay," he should be taught to sit in front of his owner at her feet. When he is doing so correctly, she should prse him, give him a treat, or play with him. When the dog begins to obey the "stay" command, the owner should begin to practice some commands that will be useful to the dog in a dog park. For example, the owner should teach him to "heel," or step off the leash, to "sit" and to "lay down," which will allow him to relieve himself without getting in the way of others in the park. The owner should continue to practice these commands until the dog will obey them when asked to do so. When the dog is obedient in all respects, she should start to practice other commands that she will need when walking through the dog park. For example, the owner may be asked to teach her dog "drop it," to "stay," "wt," or "come," so that he will know what to do if another dog tries to take his food or toys.

The owner should be careful to use her dog only in a controlled, safe environment where no harm will come to her dog from other dogs or people. If she uses her dog in a dog park, she should watch for other dogs and children who are playing with or walking through the park and be sure her dog does not become excited or frightened. The owner should never put a leash on her dog when he is excited, and should make sure he does not run away when it is crowded in the park or other place where dogs and people are together.

The owner should also be aware that the park in which she will be taking her dog may not be the same park every time. It is very important that she learn to recognize the park, and find it each time she takes her dog out. If she does not recognize the park, she should ask someone to point it out to her.

The dog should not be taken into the dog park alone unless she has a leash and is under the supervision of a trner. If she takes her dog on a dog

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