Here's how to teach your puppy his name

Your own name is one of the first things a puppy should learn. But how can dog owners succeed in teaching your little four-legged friend how to? A puppy should learn its name quickly - Image: Shutterstock / Mary Rice

A puppy should know its name. Maybe you are lucky, and your new four-legged friend will already listen when it comes to you from the breeder. If not, this is usually not a problem, because a dog usually learns it in a relatively short time.

Teach name: how it works

The first rule to follow if you want to teach your puppy his name is: Start training in a calm atmosphere. Always speak to your dog by name at home. You should be in a room together. As soon as he becomes aware of it, you should praise him for it, because the puppy should combine the sound of his name with something beautiful.

Whether you reward the little four-legged friend with pats or a treat is up to you. It is only important that you have a positive reaction. If you feel the dog is reacting, you can extend the training.

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Teach Name: Increase the level of difficulty

Next time you call him, go to another room and wait for the puppy to hear. Repeat this exercise until you feel that the little one has learned. Then you can make the exercise even more difficult.

So far you have wanted to teach your dog its name in a quiet environment. Now you can increase the workout by repeating the exercise outside. If he responds to you despite the distraction, you can assume he knows his name.

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