The Pomeranian: A fluffy little dog

Dwarf tip fans, pay attention: in this sweet video, the small dogs with the fluffy fur are presented in more detail. Funny and interesting facts are given that you may not have known.

The dwarf spitz is the smallest of the different spitz species. Sled dogs like the Husky and the Alaskan Malamute, as well as the beautiful Akita from Japan, are counted in the same group as this dog breed, even if they are quite a bit larger than this popular four-legged friend.

Lace are wonderful guard dogs because they are very attentive. Announcing visitors with barks is a matter of course for them. The characteristics of the small, fluffy fur noses also include that they are playful and are wonderfully suited as domestic dogs. No wonder that the cute four-legged friends can look forward to fans around the world!

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