The attitude of the beautiful Abyssinian cat

Basically, the attitude of the Abyssinian cat is not complicated: it needs a lot of love, a lot of space to play and a lot of time with your owner. If you want to buy a cat of this breed, you should definitely consider its liveliness, strong play instinct and its affection. The Abyssinian cat not only loves a lot of space in the apartment, but also the free space - Image: Shutterstock / Pshenina_m

If you want to keep the Abyssinian cat in an apartment, it needs enough space and cat-safe climbing opportunities to let off steam and get the workload it needs. An apartment in which nothing is allowed to fall, and in which there are many taboo zones, is not suitable for the very lively climbing max.

The perfect home: safe and with plenty of space

Safety should be very important when you prepare your home for the new velvet paw: For example, you should also provide tilting windows that are located high up, because the beautiful velvet paw is so curious that it sometimes gets to places that nobody expected ,

This four-legged friend feels even more comfortable than in an apartment, in a house with a garden, because her hunting and play instinct ensure that she enjoys her environment a lot. Play a lot with her, keep her with a friend and respect your strong urge to move to make this velvet paw happy.

Health and care of the Abyssinian cat

Like any cat, the Abyssinian cat can of course get sick, but it is not prone to certain cat diseases, has a long life expectancy and is generally very robust. You can do your part by keeping them on a healthy, balanced diet. She is a slim cat, whose delicate joints are not made for overweight. Therefore, despite their charming way of requesting a few extra snacks, be careful not to overfeed them.

Beautiful Abyssinian cat: impressions of a breed with class

Grooming this short-haired cat is very simple: brushing it once a week is perfectly fine and can be easily combined with the cuddles you love.

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