Keeping the cat alone: ​​possible disadvantages

Keeping them alone can have disadvantages for sociable, playful and cuddly animals such as cats. If they are much alone and are kept as house cats, living with a second cat is usually more pleasant for them. Solitary husbandry: Many cats are bored without their own kind - Image: Shutterstock / Vlue

Some cats, who are not used to it, prefer to be alone. However, if you have the choice of keeping your cats in a double pack from the start, you will usually do them a great favor. A cat that is alone for hours every day and does not enjoy free access can quickly feel lonely and start to get bored.

Solitary keeping: The play and cuddle partner is missing

If you observe cats that live in pairs for a while, you can see them romping around, chasing each other and assaulting themselves - just as the little hunters enjoy. They clean their fur and give themselves warmth when sleeping. Even if a person cares so much about his beloved pet, it is simply difficult for him to replace the company of an animal of his own kind - above all, of course, not when he is at work.

If the cat is bored: possible consequences

While no one is at home, the cat is often bored and can express it in different ways. Many a four-legged friend does not show anything, some people, on the other hand, express their displeasure by eating too much, or by getting used to unwanted behavior. Examples of this would be scratching the wallpaper or the furniture and in many cases also messiness. If a cat cannot let off steam with its peers, it is also possible that it tends to use claws and teeth when playing with humans, simply because it is cocky.

Variety when playing with the cat: ideas

Playing the same thing is just as boring for cats as it is for us humans. The consequence:…

Even if the two-up position is often more pleasant for the cat than the single position, there are, of course, cases in which there is simply no other way than to keep the cat alone. If, from experience, a Stubentiger cannot be socialized with others, or is already very old, try to make your life as beautiful and varied as possible with lots of love, play and cuddle time.

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