Whirlwind Henry: fur of the month in April

May we introduce? This is Henry, our "fur of the month" in April!

Henry is a motley, beautiful mixed breed who is at home in Hanover and loves to play ball. Here you can see his most beautiful pictures! May we introduce? This is Henry, our "fur of the month" in April! But sports cannons like Henry also get tired: Good night! He is six years old and has lived with his dear family in Hanover since he was three And shake! As you can see, Henry is having fun on the water! The multicolored mix probably contains the breeds Australian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog and Hovawart It has character and appearance from the Australian Shepherd But the cute looks a lot like the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Hovawart, right? "Go ahead, throw it!" Henry is a gifted retriever! Getting his toy out of the water is not just a matter of course for him, but a lot of fun!

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