Rheumatism in cats: symptoms

Rheumatism in cats is very painful for the house tigers. The symptoms are similar to those in humans. Because cats cannot draw attention to the pain so clearly, our special attention is required. A weak urge to move is one of the typical symptoms of cat rheumatism - Image: Sergey Nivens

Rheumatism in cats is inflammation of the joints. It is not externally visible through symptoms - nor can your cat tell you that it is in pain. In order to recognize rheumatoid arthritis, you have to watch your room tiger closely.

Symptoms: reluctance to move and complaints

When the joints are inflamed, the velvet paw naturally hurts every movement. A typical sign of rheumatism in cats is the reluctance of the four-legged friends to move. Overall, they move more slowly, often the gait appears stiffer. Stretching and reeling - otherwise so typical of cats - is becoming less common. House tigers, who otherwise like to jump a lot, do this less often if they suffer from joint inflammation.

It is typical that the lameness and movement difficulties are particularly severe when the cat has just rested or got up.

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Severe pain: Rheumatism in cats

All of these symptoms are caused by the great pain that the cat suffers from in rheumatism. Some house tigers also express themselves with lamentations and a lot of munts. But that varies from cat to cat. If your four-legged friend communicates a lot with you in general, it is of course difficult to differentiate whether the meowing is due to the pain. In severe cases, cats also refuse to eat or drink. If you discover one or more of the typical identifying features of your velvet paw, it is best to go directly to the vet so that he can start treatment.

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