British Shorthair kittens on a discovery tour

The fluffy bundles of joy in this video are eight weeks old and grow up with their cat mom in a house that also has a veterinary practice. Your first tour through the exciting treatment rooms is very cute and a bit chaotic ...

Mama Roxy has a responsible job: she usually roams the veterinary practice, keeps loving company with the animal patients and helps her calmly to overcome the visit to the veterinarian a little easier. No wonder this practice is particularly popular and Roxy seems to really enjoy her job.

However, the calm is over as soon as their fluffy cat children want to help and storm the treatment rooms for the first time. The little beauties with the thick fur and the round, shining cat eyes shy away from nothing, not even from disturbing the treatment of an older cat. But what is fun is just fun and who could be angry with them?

British Shorthair: beautiful pedigree cat

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