Loss of appetite in dogs: possible reasons

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Loss of appetite in dogs can have a variety of reasons. What exactly is behind the appetite should be clarified by a veterinarian as soon as possible, since it can also indicate serious diseases Loss of appetite in dogs: sometimes it is just the wrong food! - Image: Shutterstock / dogboxstudio


Loss of appetite in dogs is one of the most common side effects of various diseases and should therefore be taken very seriously. A dog that does not want to eat is not always sick. Sometimes he just doesn't like his food or he can't take it. For a four-legged friend who does not want to eat, but looks healthy and alert, you can therefore first try switching to a new food.

Reasons for anorexia in dogs: wrong food

If a dog doesn't like its food at all, it reacts just like humans: it hardly touches it or doesn't eat it at all. Some dogs do not like dry food, some do not like wet food, others do not like a certain type or certain ingredients.

For the sake of the dog and his health, try a different type, with a little warmed up food or with different intervals during the feeding times. It is best to talk to the veterinarian about this, because even food intolerance could be the reason why your four-legged friend spurns a certain variety. You should urgently see a veterinarian if your dog has other symptoms.

Symptoms of chocolate poisoning in dogs

The symptoms of chocolate poisoning in dogs are varied and usually occur with a delay ...

Diseases as reasons for reluctance to feed

Loss of appetite in dogs can be a serious sign that something is hurting them or that they are suffering from indigestion. Dental problems can also lead to complete refusal to eat and should be treated as soon as possible.

Gastrointestinal diseases, poisoning or swallowed foreign bodies can also be associated with the dog not eating and are usually accompanied by other symptoms. When in doubt: watch your dog closely and go to the vet more than not enough.


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