Clicker training with dogs: what is that all about?

Clicker training with dogs is a method of teaching four-legged friends how to behave. A click sound serves as a reward. The dog training method can be used in many areas and is suitable both for learning tricks and for behavior therapy. Clicker training with dogs is suitable for professionals and amateurs - Image: Shutterstock / rashworth

Clicker training in dogs works according to the reward principle: As soon as the four-legged friend shows the correct behavior, the owner or mistress creates a click sound. Of course, this must first be established as a reward signal using treats. Punishing clicker training is usually taboo. The idea behind it: rewarding desired behavior instead of punishing undesirable behavior ensures a relaxed training atmosphere with better results in dog training.

Clicker training with dogs: For professionals and amateurs

The special thing about clicker training with dogs is that this is a training method that does not require any physical contact. For this reason, it is particularly well suited for behaviorally disturbed and very shy animals. Often these animals cannot be touched, let alone petted. With a clicker model and accessories for clicker training with dogs, professional therapists can work safely with these dogs.

The Clicker method is also used in professional training areas such as police or mine detection dogs. But don't worry: Clicker training with dogs is also ideal for training at home, because after all it should not be forgotten that dogs are especially fun - otherwise the training would hardly be as effective.

Training with the dog: teamwork for the partnership

Clicker training is suitable for every dog

It doesn't matter which dog breed your four-legged friend belongs to or how old he is. Basically, all dogs are able to learn endurance, persistence and creativity in this way. Clicker training is for beginners to learn quickly and even small successes motivate the owner and dog to continue - until maybe even one or the other trick succeeds. Try out clicker training with your dog.

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