Snails: diverse molluscs

Snails are among the molluscs - Image: Shutterstock / Peter Krejzl

It is estimated that there are at least 43,000 different types of snails. In our picture gallery we have some information about the molluscs for you. Snails are among the molluscs - Image: Shutterstock / Peter Krejzl And here is the end of the picture gallery about snails. "Pretty high up here!" - Image: Shutterstock / Nailia Schwarz Your body consists of head, foot, viscera and the typical snail shell ... - Image: Shutterstock / Mariusz Szczygiel … That consists of lime - Image: Shutterstock / Kosobu A snail orients himself with the feelers on his head - Image: Shutterstock / NokHoOkNoi According to estimates, there should be at least 43,000 snail species - Image: Shutterstock / Atomazul In addition, there are said to be many unexplored snail species - Image: Shutterstock / Coolnina There are differences in nutrition from species to species ... - Image: Shutterstock / Alexander Raths ... there are, for example, herbivores under the snails - Image: Shutterstock / Nailia Schwarz "So much is there to know about us? Amazing!" - Image: Shutterstock / Nailia Schwarz

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