Dog Couture: Harald Glööckler came on the dog

Image: 2012

Dog fashion was still missing in his range: Harald Glööckler has with
"Dog Couture Glööckler by Karlie" opened a new label. Included are sparkling but also extremely functional accessories for the best friend of man.

Dog couture, thanks to Billy King

Rhinestone collars, leashes, toys, bowls, and everything chic and pompous: Harald Glööckler did it again, only this time the designer tried dog fashion. He was inspired by his Papillon miniature spaniel Billy King. His muse was also the first dog to try the new fashion. The new products were tested in numerous photo shoots.

Harald Glööckler puts the crown on the bowl

Harald Glööckler does not want his dog fashion to be understood as pure accessories. A dog must remain a dog. The 43 items in the collection are primarily geared towards the needs of the four-legged friends. Suitable for everyday use and extremely functional. But also noble and decorated with the crown typical of the idiosyncratic designer.

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