Made with love: Warm greetings in the litter box

The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach? Not exclusively, as this heart-wrenching photo shows: With her big eyes, this fluffy cat wants to show what she feels for her master, but she literally goes one step further - with a heart-shaped proof of love that she places in the litter box , Made with love: Warm greetings in the litter box - picture: / Fabo

You just have to love this cat. With less mind, but more heart, this fluffy velvet paw seems to want to express its affection. With this look, the legacy in the litter box is hardly necessary anymore. The white ball of fur seems to say proudly: "Look, this is only for you!".

The photo proves that in times of banking and economic crises, good business does not have to make a profit. Anyone who looks into these plush googly eyes will know better from now on: You do good business with a lot of heart.

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