Little Bo big: baby echidna at Taronga Zoo in Sydney

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No matter how small, but already a star: baby echidna "Bo" was found abandoned on the wayside near Sydney. The caring finders handed the helpless creature into the hands of the zookeepers at the Taronga Zoo. There substitute mom Annabelle Sehlmeier pulls up the funny animal with the button eyes by hand.

When Bo grows up: Adult Echidna - Image: (CC) Flickr / Elizartyrrell (Eliza Tyrrell)

It was only 55 days ago that little Bo hatched from his egg - and the baby echidna was already a star. With the first tender down and his heart-wrenching button eyes, his hearts flew. But he wasn't just the new darling at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney: the pictures of the clumsy echidna went around the world, where he found delighted fans everywhere.

By the way, echidnas are related to the platypus. They belong to the unique genus of sewage animals, i.e. mammals that lay eggs and do not give birth when they are alive. "Egg, egg, egg", Booby Bo would also think if he knew the hype around him. Instead, he prefers to make himself comfortable in his warm crate after licking milk from his substitute mum's hand. Then a little cleaning, off the scales - and then close the cute button eyes. Unfortunately, he can't tell whether Bo misses his real mom and what he's dreaming about. Maybe from a life outside the Taronga Zoo in Sydney ...?

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