Baby pygmy goat and puppies: a sweet encounter

Baby pygmy goat "Pipsqueak" has its own head: With a head butt it welcomes a whole pack of golden dog puppies - after all, that is a good thing among their peers. Because no one wants to play with her anyway, Pipsqueak works alone and beats the craziest capers under the dreamy eyes of the puppies.

Pipsqueak (German: "Winzling") has its big day: For the first time, the adopted baby dwarf goat can get to know its new playmates. No wonder that she is excited and forgets when she greets her good manners. A couple of dear headbuttings should say: "I'm happy to meet you! Let's play!" But the sleepy puppies are not that far yet, they can hardly stay on their feet.

Pipsqueak will soon have to see that too. No reason for the young pygmy goat to be bored. While the clumsy puppies bring themselves to safety with skilful dog looks, the pygmy goat romps and dances through the room to their hearts' content. Pipsqueak jumps and flips over and shows your new friends what you can adjust to when you are out of puppy age.

Pygmy goats originally come from Asia and then immigrated to Africa. Small goats are less suitable as farm animals because they hardly give milk. Dwarf goats are therefore mainly kept as pets or in petting zoos. They are only 40 to 50 centimeters tall - but even the sweet pipsqueak has to grow a little.

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