Weight loss in dogs: what can it be?

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A healthy dog ​​usually has a good appetite. If he refuses the food and there is even weight loss, there may be an illness behind it. Be sure to have the vet clarify the symptom. Weight loss in dogs is often a warning sign - Image: Shutterstock / Bandika

Obesity is also unhealthy in dogs, but weight loss should always alert you. At least when the dog is not on a controlled diet under medical treatment. Anorexia can be a warning sign.

If you lose your appetite, go to the vet

Do not wait too long to visit the vet if your darling does not touch his food. Even if weight loss has not yet occurred: dog lack of appetite is not normal. Therefore, you should have your four-legged doctor examined after a day of food strike to clarify what is behind it. Many complaints can be treated well, so that your animal friend will soon be better.

What diseases in dogs cause weight loss?

Your pet may have a toothache and may not eat anything because of it. This can happen, for example, through tartar when a tooth loosens or when the gums become inflamed. If the loose tooth is removed or the inflammation is resolved, your dog should be able to enjoy its food again with a good appetite. Furthermore, diabetes or an infection with so-called leishmanias, leishmaniasis, can lead to loss of appetite and weight loss. These pathogens occur mainly in southern regions. A healthy diet, correct posture and care as well as medication can get the disease under control and stabilize the immune system.

Brave dog Rocky: his fight against tetanus

If dogs lose weight despite cravings and appetite, this can be due to pancreatic insufficiency, an underactive pancreas. This cannot be cured, but with a balanced diet and food supplements, as well as rest and relaxation, dog patients can still lead a good life. After all, cancer can also cause weight loss. The earlier the tumor is discovered, the sooner you can help your dog. For example, through an operation.

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