Why cats control shopping bags

The curiosity of cats is very strong. Even one or two shopping bags are not safe from them. Surely you could already watch your fur noses as they control your purchases as soon as you are home from the supermarket. Why is that? "No treats for me in the shopping bag? I'm outraged!", This cheeky cat seems to think - Shutterstock / Catwalk Photos

Cats always make their decisions between curiosity and caution. This is part of their survival instinct, because without curiosity they cannot find new sources of food or safe hiding places, without caution they unnecessarily put themselves in danger when searching. Find out what that has to do with your tendency to control shopping bags here.

Shopping bags arouse curiosity in cats

The shopping bags offer everything that stimulates the cat's curiosity: strange smells, exciting objects, potentially edible and interesting noises. The many different smells that you carry in with the shopping bags are what attracts cats first. Finally, they have to check what is brought into their area and check whether they can use it for their purposes.

Therefore, they carefully examine the contents of the bags with their noses and paws - there could be something tasty for them. Plastic bags and paper bags also crackle and rustle so nicely when the kitty sniffs them. Hardly a fur nose can resist and their play and hunting instinct is stimulated.

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Cats in bags - an apparently safe hiding place

However, shopping bags are not only a potential source of food and an exciting toy, cats can also hide wonderfully in them. If the pockets are empty or your velvet paw has decided that there is nothing edible in them, from a cat's point of view they are wonderful as a safe observation post or sleeping place. The reason for this is similar to why cats like to sit in boxes. The limited space provides them with security and also helps the animals to store their body heat. In addition, they can roll up in bags even better than in boxes so that they are not visible at first glance.

Be careful when cats check plastic bags

However, as a precaution, you should supervise your cat if your purchases are in plastic bags. Plastic can contain plasticizers and other chemicals that may be toxic to your room tiger if it gnaws on it.

It becomes dangerous if the animals bite and swallow pieces from the plastic bag while playing. This could result in an intestinal obstruction or suffocation. However, if you look closely, you can also have your velvet paw inspect plastic shopping bags.

Caution: Cats can get caught in the bags

You should be particularly careful when your four-legged friend sticks his head in a shopping bag. Your cat can get caught in the handles, panic drag the paper or plastic bag behind you and get stuck on furniture. In the worst case, this can be life-threatening for the animal.

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