Tom Maru inspects Santa's boots

Hangover Maru also enjoys the pre-Christmas period to the fullest: in his home he discovered a Santa Claus boot, which of course he has to examine immediately.

"Hmmm, what is that weird, red thing?", Thinks tomcat Maru and first examines the inside of the Santa bag in front of him. He carefully gropes in and then makes himself comfortable in the soft fabric. But of course its owners want to get the cheeky cat out of its hiding place and lure it with another toy.

For Maru, of course, that's no reason to be distracted for a long time and he snuggles with the Santa Claus boots again shortly afterwards. Maybe the sweet velvet paw hopes that its owners will use a few treats to lure them out? The clever kitty obviously knows exactly how to get what she wants.

Cozy Christmas time with cats

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