Hana and Maru: "Playing and cuddling is fun!"

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Hana and Maru are probably two of the most famous cats ever. In a new video, the cute velvet paws show that they have a lot of fun playing and relaxing and like to exchange tenderness.

"Hop, hop, hop! Come here toys!" The cats Maru and Hana are clearly having fun again in this video. While Maru is romping around under the sofa or making himself comfortable under a plush cow, Hana prefers to play with a short rope. "Always swing beautifully, always swing beautifully" seems to be the sweet cat's motto.

But Maru and Hana are also pleasure animals and treat themselves from time to time. A cuddly pillow has done both velvet paws. "Oh, how cozy this is!" And cat Maru sometimes even gives the protector of his playmate - and gets a kiss or two for it. Sweet to look at!

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