Welsh Springer Spaniel parenting tips

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Despite his hunting instinct, raising a Welsh Springer Spaniel is not very difficult. In principle, this dog breed is also suitable for beginners who want to do good and catchy dog ​​training. The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a clever, attentive dog - Image: Shutterstock / rebeccaashworth

Before a young dog of this breed moves in with you, your whole family should agree on what you want to learn with your dog, what it is allowed to do and what it is not allowed to do. If your little protégé moves in, everyone pulls together and gently but consistently shows him the way to a good upbringing.

Welsh Springer Spaniel: A cooperative partner

The Welsh Springer Spaniel will not make it difficult for you if you can clearly convey the ABC of dog training to him. Its fine character definitely fulfills important requirements for good cooperation: it is friendly, people-oriented, meek and very intelligent.

It is close to his heart to please you, and because he is a smart man, it is easy for him to remember commands, tips and tricks. Just be careful not to take away this joy of working with you with unnecessary harshness or inconsistent behavior.

You should pay attention to this during the upbringing

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is usually equipped with a hunting instinct that is not too scarce. There is also a great urge to move.

Welsh Springer Spaniel: beautiful dog from Great Britain

On the one hand, make sure that your dog listens to you very well, even if he has his eye on the most exciting track, and on the other hand, that he is well used. Only a mentally and physically challenged spaniel can be well behaved and balanced.

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