Mastiff: You should pay attention to this during the upbringing

Clearly: As one of the largest and heaviest dogs in the world, the mastiff needs a perfect education. This has much less to do with his nature than with the consequences that even a simple jostling or jumping on him could have. You should pay attention to this: The mastiff is brought up with calm and patience - Image: Shutterstock / Michal Ninger

From the ground up, the mastiff is a friendly, lovable dog that is famous for its serenity in every situation. You should encourage this great basic requirement right from the start and carefully set about flawless socialization of your four-legged friend and learning the basic commands with him.

Education with calm and patience

Your little friend is so people-related that he will usually do everything to please you. So if you want to train him, it is easy for you, but it is important that you have clearly defined your goals from the start and that they are structured sensibly so that you do not confuse your dog.

Stay consistent with everything your pet should learn and do a lot of work with praise: The friendly mastiff wants to be treated just as calmly and lovingly as he is and cannot handle it well if he is treated too strictly or unfairly.

Socialization and correct attitude

When it comes to socialization, you should make sure that your pet gets to know dogs of all sizes, cats, children, cyclists and joggers as a young dog - even if it is by nature, you shouldn't let it get to you later something is scary and he reacts unexpectedly.

Baby dogs playing: Adorable four-legged friends

The more balanced and happier the dog is, the better his good upbringing can take hold. That you always ensure that your pet has enough loving care, exercise, and everything his heart desires should be a matter of course.

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