If your cat was shopping at a pet store ...

Everyone who has a pet knows very well that the most important thing for a cat is its own welfare.

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Every day we deal with a whole range of cat behavior aimed at getting exactly what the kitten wants at the moment, and we ... well. We do everything to satisfy these whims, running from one store to another. What if our furries were shopping for themselves? You must check it out! Below is a subjective, cat story.

Today I am in paradise. I go to the store where I can do everything. It will be fun! And you, dear guardian, can watch me! Let's start, just open the door for me, please. No, I'm not coming in yet. I just wanted you to just hold them first while I consider if it's time to go shopping. Ok, let's go!

New message

First, I choose the bedding. Sleeping on newspapers, windowsills, pots and backpacks is already boring. Oh, the biggest one looks promising ... They tell me it's for a German Shepherd. And who said I would sleep in it?

The most important criterion is the size of the cardboard box in which my couch is packed. The cartons are great! Two, please. When you get home, you can get rid of both beds, but the boxes - under no circumstances! There will be a party and then a long nap.


Ah! This is that nasty package that you stuff me into every time we go to the doctor? Let me put it briefly: no thank you!

A bit of entertainment

Time to choose toys! I know some cool ones - CLICK! But that strange little thing that I see right on the shelf, what is it? Is that a laser light you let me see for fun? The one that I can never catch and eat? No kidding, I don't take it. Ooo! Live flies for a lizard? Three sets, please. Chasing insects is it! I also see a cage with two canaries in it ... Will I get a discount if I take both of them in the package?

I'm going further. Pretty clever scratchers. I will choose the largest possible. Although I must admit that I feel a bit unsatisfied - I was counting on a new set of sofas and armchairs. Just like we have in the salon. They are definitely better for sharpening claws.

Shopping for breakfast

Basically, I mainly came here for food. The lady suggests some interesting flavors, strange textures ... I take a set of crisps. In terms of karma, I will wait for you, dear guardian.

You will pour into a bowl, as usual commenting: "Here, this is the best possible, it cost as much as my dinner every month ...". And then I will turn on my heel and look at you with my eyes: "You must be kidding, I'm not going to touch this!" If I buy something myself now, I won't be able to freak out. No sense!


Could use a new water bowl. But I'll do it very quickly because the choice is easy. Ceramic too heavy. Plastic is much easier to knock over. Please!

Phew, that's it for now. I'll throw in some chewing pot and a few cartons of cat's milkā€¦ Wait. Read what is written in this section? Dog training? Yeah! You train them ... And they still listen to you, it's good for themselves! Okay, take your shopping, let's go I will see all my purchases at home!

Treat the above material with a grain of salt (cat's eye). But we will seriously ask: is there anything your cat would necessarily put on his shopping list or buy at a pet store? We are waiting for your answers in the comments!

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