Cuddling Wolf Kekoa wants to cuddle

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It is a picture from a fairy tale. The big, beautiful wolf cuddles in the video like a dear lap dog with his human friend. The big cuddle bag is called Kekoa and lives with his wolf friend Sakara in the "Colorado Wolf Wildlife Center". How well he feels there shows his loving affection for the animal keeper Danielle.

First of all, dear Kekoa roams a little around Danielle and enjoys the pats. How fluffy and warm is such a soft wolf skin? Then at some point there are a few caresses from the four-legged friend. Kekoa licks vigorously through Danielle's face several times - that must be true love. Really remarkable how trusting the wolf is. Wild animals usually stay away from people, sometimes even fear them. Here is another video from Kekoa, in which his companion Sakara can be seen:

Fluffy forest dwellers: cute baby wolves


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